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You are about to be on the inside of what we like to call . . .

The Network Empire Family Circle of Trust

We keep nothing from you. You keep nothing from us.

And Round and Round She goes.

But right now you are still outside that Circle of Trust.



We would like to give you an opportunity to remedy the situation.

And we would be glad to have you.

But first, here’s what you get:

Membership Area Created By Popular Demand:

From the controversial software team who brought you the Krakken Vertical Market Analysis Tool, The Last Keyword Tool, Domain Web Studio and The Theme Zoom Revolution Suite.

And from the same team who introduced  Website Silo Architecture to the general public – Finally!  A private membership space where our team can relax and talk openly about advanced whitehat, grayhat and blackhat SEO, Social Media, Content Curation and Neuromarketing topics. Yes! These are many of the same BLACK BOX strategies and tactics that we used to talk about ONLY behind the closed doors of our $50,000 Theme Zoom CULT:


Why Are We Doing This?

Here is the problem.

Our methods are not just SEO. We have spent thousands of hours to construct an authentic Automated Cybernetic Business Machine that encompasses all seven phases of dominating your online market: Positioning, Market Analysis, Keyword Selection, Online Property Creation, Content Promotion and Syndication, Reporting and Actionable Analytics.

In other words . . . this ‘ain’t no’ Clickbank product.

We realized we needed to build a training system that explains our holistic, evergreen system. We also were building our OWN back end step-by-step process maps for creating sites and blogs, creating and testing plugins, bots and tools, testing and determining which promotional activities and third party platforms are most effective. All of those notions got rolled into the Network Empire Project . . . and now you are here.

The basic membership area is for those individuals who want to immerse themselves in a truly unique business system. It is not a get rich quick scheme.

Yes we teach you how to work with all of the technologies and software that we offer, but you will learn a TON, even if you are not ready to buy our software- even if you never buy it!

Ours is a sustainable business strategy that takes every aspect of running an AUTHENTIC Cybernetic Business System. You can even join us at a reasonable rate BEFORE you ever decide to buy our Enterprise Level Vertical Online Marketing Software Suite!

You can peek behind the curtain and find out what is inside the BLACK BOX and discover how our software architects and mathematicians have back-engineered pretty much every Google search and social graph algorithm that matters, and more importantly- how the new online trends of Social Media, Content Curation, and local search all ‘click’ together like a bunch of Legos, into a single unified plan we like to call The Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine.

With the BASIC Premium Content Plan you will have access to the following now available courses and applications:


(we also have Keyword and Market Research Tools, Bundles, and offer Technical and Certification Training)


For a limited time only, our membership area is available to the public for $49.95 / month.  Prices will go up as we add more educational SEO, Social Media, and Content Curation Courses.

Caveat:  We recommend tools on the inside that will make your life much easier.  It’s silly to try to dominate your market without some tools.  The average cost of putting your first niche website together and getting it ranked is about $500.



“We just sold a second 10K research project so needless to say the new DWS is really starting to make a big difference in my business. thanks for the new Google index pages app. it works great and saves lots of time and thanks for this kick ass tool my friend.”

Joel T.

“Russell, I want to sincerely thank you for taking time with me on the phone today. I had no idea how powerful Theme Zoom really was until you walked me through it.

– Thomas Rimes

“Dear Theme Zoom Team, There is no other training material in the world like yours, and it feels like I have received a Masters Degree in online marketing, technical SEO and advanced market research- all at the same time. I cannot thank you enough.”

– Debbie Ongley

“I really think you should contemplate taking Theme Zoom off the market, especially Krakken. It should only be used as a back-end private system to suck all of the cash out of online markets and niches.”

– Vincent T

“Russell Wright is a genius that not only exists on the cutting edge … he’s the sharpener that makes the cutting edge more efficient.”

– Charles Heflin

“Theme Zoom is not a keyword research tool, and it is not merely a better way to design websites using automated Website Silo Architecture- it is a total catalyst for complete business growth and transformation.”

– Donald Salzberg

“The best part of DWS for me is the fact that ranking a website becomes a systematized process with very little guessing involved. Instead of ” hoping” for results – DWS systematizes the approach and will lay out the best site structure and promotion required”

– Michael Kane

“Dear Matt, I am beginning to see what Russell, Sue and yourself have been trying to tell us about the incredible power and high cash value of a mere report from Domain Web Studio that includes TLKT and Krakken data. Our company smallest online market and keyword report cost $2,500 at the current time I have 8 projects in the Q- and most of these projects are priced much higher than this”

– Joel Trujillo

“I have only been using Krakken for a couple of months, and I am already ranked number one for a very competitive keyword term. I directly credit your technology for making this possible.”

– Qamar Plaridone

“Dear Russell, I want to thank you for the information that you and Sue Bell provided in your live Webinar- I have had to rethink several steps in my sales funnel, but when I fixed these leaks, we had an increase of conversion of over 200%!”

– Samuel Mcarthy

“Hi Russell, I have been hearing about Website Silo Architecture for years from all kinds of people, but now I know where the original ideas came from. I found some of your old “basement lecture” videos online and they were made long before any of these other courses and tools. Now I really get how all of these things connect! Thank You.”

– Frank Frazier

“I have personally known Russell for nearly 10 years. Throughout that time, Russell has demonstrated high integrity in every business venture or transaction we have worked together on. His knowledge of his industry surpasses anyone I know or know about. He is the intelligence expert online. I have learned much from Russell over the years and have enjoyed that experience and plan to for years to come.

– Jeff Dodson

“The Theme Zoom Team is one of the brightest and most forward thinking business teams I’ve ever met. They understand the clear difference between “hype” and what’s right for the long term.”

– Jon Keel

“All bullshit aside Theme Zoom, DWS and your process have been feeding my family for the last 2 years. in the current state of the world economy, that means a lot to us. Thank you Matt I really mean that… By the way that testimonial is a 100% true story.”

– J.T.

“The Theme Zoom Team has mentored me in internet marketing and the use of the proprietary theme analysis / vertical market analysis research tool – “ThemeZoom/Krakken” and is so advanced in both it’s concept and execution that in my opinion it’s impact on the internet marketing industry will rapidly see it become the defacto resource for business’s wishing to dominate their market, via both the existing and nascent channels emerging on the internet”

– Paul Reeves

I scoured the web for free SEO project management tools but nothing compares to DWS. There are a bunch of web 2.0 project management tools that do similar things but nothing integrates all the required data, which leaves a lot of input to be done. And as I said I will definitely be doing a review and I’m already referring you guys and just uber excited about this either way!

– Nate